Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued new regulations for existing coal-fired power plants and new natural gas-fired power plants. Dependable Power First Kentucky issued the following statement in response:

“Unfortunately, EPA has issued new regulations that are designed to shut down dependable power sources at the very same time that electricity demand is exploding because of artificial intelligence, new manufacturing facilities, and electric vehicles. Kentucky needs more, not fewer, sources of dependable electricity to expand its economy and create jobs. These new regulations will create even more challenges to maintaining the reliability and affordability of Kentucky’s electricity supply.

By issuing these new regulations, EPA has ignored countless warnings from experts and electricity officials that large parts of the U.S., including Kentucky, face the possibility of electricity shortages because of the premature closure of power plants. EPA’s action demonstrates why Kentucky must take responsibility for grid reliability into our own hands and why Kentucky should be grateful that the General Assembly has taken steps to protect our state’s electric grid.

We support environmental progress, but rules that threaten Kentucky’s electricity supply are the wrong way to achieve progress. That is why we encourage Kentuckians to urge Congress to overturn these new regulations.”

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