On July 5, Utility Drive reported on a letter by Senators John Barrasso and Shelly Moore Capito calling for input from FERC on the potential impact of newly proposed emissions limits from power plants on grid reliability.

Republican Sens. John Barrasso, Wyo., and Shelley Moore Capito, W. Va., are asking the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to hold technical conferences to review how the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to limit greenhouse gas emissions from power plants could affect grid reliability.

“The already-strong pressure for premature retirements of electric generating units coupled with the rising risks to electric reliability require you to convene representatives of entities subject to your jurisdiction and other interested parties in order to develop a record on the potential impact of the Clean Power Plan 2.0,” they said in a letter released Monday, referring to the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan, which never took effect.

The EPA in May proposed greenhouse gas emissions limits for coal-, gas- and oil-fired power plants, with initial requirements beginning in 2030 for coal-fired generators and 2032 for gas-fired units.

Read the full article by Ethan Howland at: https://www.utilitydive.com/news/barrasso-capito-ferc-technical-conference-epa-grid-reliability/684909

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