We are a broad coalition of businesses and local leaders bound by a shared concern for the future of Kentucky’s energy grid.

Our mission is to promote a reliable, resilient, and affordable electricity supply for all of Kentucky by bringing together diverse stakeholders from across our state to shift the conversation around reliability and support policies that achieve this goal. This that means that our grid’s gradual energy transition must be guided by technologies that are proven, affordable, widely available, domestically secure and provide the level of dependability Americans have been accustomed to.

Going too far, too fast will undermine the reliability and affordability of electric service, which will jeopardize the competitiveness of the economy, costing jobs and investment, and eroding quality of life for Kentucky residents. To this end, we believe in harnessing the best features of all power sources, including traditional resources that have long supported our communities.

We are non-partisan — our only loyalty is to Kentucky. Together, we can ensure the well-being of our communities and our economy for generations to come.