Today, the Kentucky House of Representatives voted to enact Senate Bill 349. In response, Dependable Power First Kentucky issued the following statement:

“We commend President Stivers, Senator Mills, Chairman Gooch, and other supporters for making Kentucky’s energy future a high priority by passing SB 349. This legislation helps protect Kentucky’s energy future and assures that our state maintains a reliable and affordable supply of electricity.
“SB 349 is a timely response to warnings from electricity experts and officials that large parts of the U.S. are moving closer to an electricity crisis.  In addition, overreaching EPA regulations and other federal policies add to the risk that Kentucky’s electric grid could become unreliable unless Kentucky and other states push back against bad regulations and policies. We can no longer take it for granted that our state’s electricity supply will be reliable in the future.

“Given the importance of a reliable and affordable electricity supply to Kentucky’s citizens and economy, we urge Governor Beshear to support SB 349.”

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