Statement On U.S. House Energy, Climate and Grid Security Subcommittee Hearing “Powering America’s Economy, Security, and Our Way of Life: Examining the State of Grid Reliability”

Frankfort, K.Y.  –
Dependable Power First Kentucky is issuing the following statement regarding yesterday’s U.S. House of Representatives Energy, Climate, and Grid Subcommittee Hearing on the state of electric grid reliability.

“This Congressional hearing reaffirms what many Kentucky businesses and households already know firsthand – that our nation is on the cusp of an electric reliability crisis. This looming crisis, in large part the result of misguided federal policies, is causing increased power outages and a spike in energy bills for our citizens and businesses, harming quality of life in the short-term and investment and economic development in the long-term.

As Subcommittee Chair Jeff Duncan stated yesterday, “Federal tax subsidies and state policies designed to prop-up renewables, and EPA regulations targeting coal and natural gas power plants, continue to lead to the premature retirement of the nation’s most dependable generation sources.”

With retirements of dependable, baseload power plants on track to accelerate far before they can be adequately replaced, it is essential that regulators and elected officials heed the warnings of grid operators, FERC, NERC, and state utility commissioners and act decisively to ensure a thriving and prosperous energy future for Kentucky. More than ever, we need a measured, strategic energy policy that protects our state’s energy independence and positions Kentucky as a leader in an increasingly turbulent world.”

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Dependable Power First Kentucky is a diverse coalition of businesses, associations, and advocacy groups committed to securing a reliable and affordable energy future for all Kentuckians.

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