Yesterday, Kentucky joined 24 other states in challenging the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s recent carbon rule. Dependable Power First Kentucky issued the following statement in response:

“Kentucky has affirmed its leadership on energy policy by joining 24 other states in suing to block the EPA’s dangerous carbon rule, a decisive step toward securing a reliable and affordable energy future for our Commonwealth.

As Attorney General Russell Coleman said in his statement, the EPA’s misguided approach to electricity policy threatens to leave Kentucky in the dark. Fortunately, thanks to a new Electric Reliability Defense Program and energy planning commission, our state is equipped to fight back and protect Kentucky families and businesses on multiple fronts.

We are optimistic that the courts will overturn the carbon rule. In the meantime, Dependable Power First Kentucky will continue our efforts to inform Kentuckians why a responsible energy policy that prioritizes dependability and affordability is so essential.”

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