Last weekend, the Louisville Courier Journal and the Lexington Herald Leader published an op-ed by Dependable Power First Kentucky Executive Director Katelyn Bunning on the danger to Kentucky’s electricity supply caused by overreach by federal regulators.

We encourage you to read the full piece here: “EPA, activists want to control Kentucky’s energy future. We should be the ones in charge.” We’ve included some highlights below.

“The federal government, including the Environmental Protection Agency, has become increasingly aggressive in imposing its political will on states, often in a way that is misaligned with local needs. As a result, many states, including ours, risk losing control over a key pillar of our economy.”

“An extreme example of this happened just a month ago, when the EPA announced a barrage of new rules designed to shut down power plants that Kentucky relies on for most of its electricity. Left unchanged, these rules will result in higher power bills and more frequent blackouts, hurting quality of life and stunting our economy at a time when many families and small businesses can least afford it.”

“Kentucky’s energy challenges and opportunities differ vastly from those of, say, California or New York. Policies that work well in a state with abundant sunshine or wind might not be suitable for Kentucky’s predominantly coal-based economy, which has historically provided the reliable baseload power essential for our economic stability. However, the one-size-fits-all, top-down approach of the EPA ignores this reality, putting us at significant risk.”

“By leveraging our unique strengths, Kentucky can develop energy policies that ensure a reliable electricity supply and promote innovation and economic growth. This approach will always be more effective than rigid, top-down mandates from federal bureaucrats who haven’t the slightest idea of what is best for Kentucky. For this reason, neither the EPA’s carbon rule nor any other regulation should override the ability of states to determine their own energy futures.”

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