“We are concerned about being in a supply crunch at the end of this decade.” That was the warning issued by PJM state and member services head Asim Z. Haque before the Kentucky State Legislature’s Interim Joint Committee on Natural Resources and Energy on Thursday.

Over the next decade and beyond, PJM is planning to retire baseload power plants in response to political and regulatory pressure. As Mr. Haque put it, “our forecasts and retirements are based primarily on policy considerations…we are expecting 40 gigawatts to be retired by the end of this decade.”
Unplanned retirements and new policies could push this number even higher.

PJM’s testimony demonstrates the danger of allowing broad, politically-driven regulations to shape our energy policy. As Kentucky State Representative Jim Gooch said, “any kind of one-size fits all policy from Washington is not going to be good for Kentucky.”

Watch the full meeting here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bja3IDPFPMs

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