Securing a Reliable & Affordable Energy future for all Kentuckians

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Our mission is to promote Kentucky’s energy security and the economic well being of the Commonwealth by advocating an all-of-the-above approach to power generation that leverages the best aspects of all available sources.

What We
Stand For:

Affordable Power

Supporting a diverse range of energy sources helps to keep power bills low, create jobs, and foster economic growth throughout our state.

Grid Reliability

A diverse energy mix helps maintain grid stability and minimizes the risk of power outages and rolling blackouts like those that struck last winter.

Energy Independence

A balanced approach to the energy mix allows us to gradually transition to renewable sources, preserving our leadership in energy production.

Latest NEWS:

BLOG: The Critical Importance of Dependable Power to Economic Prosperity

BLOG: The Critical Importance of Dependable Power to Economic Prosperity

Kentucky has historically enjoyed two main economic advantages. The first is its central location along multiple major highways and rivers, making it a natural hub for business and commerce. The second is an abundance of affordable and dependable electricity, a key driver of jobs. However, this second advantage is being eroded by federal policies designed…

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By working together, we can ensure that Kentucky continues to benefit from reliable, resilient, affordable, and secure energy supplies. Join us to learn more about our mission, join our coalition, and learn about other ways to get involved.